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The mission of California EFNEP parallels the federal objectives:

Our Mission

To assist low-income youth and families with young children to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and changed behavior necessary to choose nutritionally sound diets and to contribute to their personal development and the improvement of total family diet and nutritional welfare. 


In California, EFNEP has been administered by the University of California Cooperative Extension for nearly five decades, using a holistic nutrition educational approach. As a result of participating in EFNEP, individuals and families experience improvements in four core areas:

  • Diet Quality and Physical Activity—Improved diets and nutritional and physical well-being through the adoption of federal food and physical activity recommendations

  • Food Resource Management—Increased ability to buy, grow, or otherwise appropriately obtain, prepare, and store food that meets nutritional needs

  • Food Safety—Improved household food safety and sanitation practices

  • Food Security—Increased ability to get food directly—and from food assistance programs where necessary—to ensure having enough healthy food to eat