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Templates from UC ANR Branding Toolkit

See the updated UC ANR Branding Toolkit site for the following templates:

  1. Presentation
  2. Fact Sheet
  3. Flyer/Newsletter
  4. Powerpoint poster templates (three 48" by 36" horizontal posters and one 36" by 48" vertical poster)

Other templates

EFNEP Basic Powerpoint template - Download and open the PowerPoint template. Select "Save as template" and close. When you want to create a new presentation, select "New from template" and choose the template.

Adult Education flyers - customize using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Certificate of Completion - customize the Word documents and print on high quality paper


Adult Education flyers - Eating Smart•Being Active

We have two versions of flyers, in both English and Spanish. Click the flyer image to download the editable PDF. Please customize the PDF with your contact information, class schedule, and location.


ESBA flyer 1
ESBA flyer 1
ESBA flyer 2
ESBA flyer 2



ESBA Flyer 1 (Spanish)
ESBA Flyer 1 (Spanish)
ESBA flyer 2 (Spanish)
ESBA flyer 2 (Spanish)

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Certificate of Completion

Click image to download editable Word document (docx). Save the document as a template after you open it in Microsoft Word.