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Youth Curricula

Happy Healthy Me
 Happy Healthy Me...Moving, Munching & Reading Around MyPlate for 4 to 6 Year Olds is a nutrition and literacy curriculum for 4-6 year olds that uses high quality children's literature to introduce important nutrition and physical activity concepts. The curriculum embraces hands-on and interactive activities, and the lessons focus on the five food groups, physical activity, snacks, and hand washing. 




Eat Smart and Play Well Together
Let's Eat Smart & Play Hard Together: A Nutrition and Fitness Curriculum for 6 to 8 Year Old Children and Their Adult Buddies is a nutrition and physical activity curriculum designed for 6-8 year old children and significant adults in their lives.  Participants are taught about how healthy snacks and fun physical activity contribute to overall health. This curriculum allows child-adult pairs learn about nutrition and fitness while having fun together.  Participants are fully engaged in lessons through hands-on nutrition activities, making healthy fruit and vegetable snacks, and participating in fun games/activities that promote physical activity.




Eating Healthy from Farm to Fork
Eating Healthy from Farm to Fork...Promoting School Wellness (K, 1, 2) is a nutrition education curriculum that makes the connection between local food systems, garden based learning, school food service, and the establishment of healthy habits. These comprehensive materials integrate nutrition education to grade appropriate lessons that are specifically designed around the Nutrition Competencies for California Children and directly correlated to the core subjects of California Content Standards.





My Amazing Body curriculum thumbnail
My Amazing Body (Grade 1) teaches students how to make healthy food and exercise choices by developing positive attitudes and behaviors towards food and fitness. Students will increase their consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, expand the variety of their diets, recognize MyPlate and identify it as a guide to healthy eating, and be able to describe the importance of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and hand washing to a healthy body.




Good for Me and You cover
Good for Me and You (Grade 2) teaches students what is good for a healthy body and lifestyle. Students will study My Plate and are introduced to the concept of nutrients and what they do for our bodies.  They learn that eating breakfast every day, drinking healthy beverages, exercising and keeping food safe to eat are all good for their body.





It's My Choice cover
 It's My Choice...Eat Right! Be Active! (Grade 3) teaches students how to make healthy choices by examining the key nutrients provided by each of the five food groups of MyPlate.  Students will increase their consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, expand the variety of their diets, recognize MyPlate and identify it as a guide to healthy eating, understand the concept of essential nutrients, and increase their physical activity.





Nutrition to Grow On
  Nutrition to Grow On:  A Garden-Enhanced Curriculum for Upper Elementary School Children (Grades 4 to 6) is a garden enhanced nutrition education curriculum consisting of nine lessons.  The curriculum aims to help students gain knowledge and skills needed to make healthy food choices and a greater appreciation of land that provides food.  The student is continually stimulated in an interactive environment.  The curriculum includes classroom and garden activities that support the CDE Content Standards. Handout masters are included. This is an original CDE publication which was developed by a faculty member at the University of California, Department of Nutrition.




Level 1
(Grades 4-5: Level 1 and Grades 5-6: Level 2)  This field-tested student activity book is designed for youth aged 8-12 to build healthy habits for life that will help prevent too much weight gain during childhood. Included are 16 activities, ranging from 15 to 60 minutes to complete. Activities focus on four areas:
  • WakeUP Sleep 10 hours a night to feel just right
  • EatUP Select the right food for a better mood
  • DrinkUP Choose water first for thirst
  • GetUP Move and play at least an hour a day.



EatFit (Grades 6 to 8) is a goal-oriented education curriculum designed for middle school students to improve eating and fitness choices. This program uses computer technology to assist with diet assessment and guided goal setting for making healthy lifestyle choices. EatFit contains nine hands-on lessons consisting of skill building activities and social support to help students reach their goals. Topics include goal setting, label reading, fast food, breakfast, exercise, energy balance and advertising.  The EatFit package includes a magazine style workbook for every student, teacher curriculum, a website and dietary analysis, evaluation tools, slides and marketing materials.




Hunger Attack!
 Hunger Attack! (Grades 9 -12) is designed to teach teens about nutrition, food safety, and financial literacy.  Teens will learn how healthy food choices contribute to good health today and in the future, simple techniques for keeping food safe, and will learn how wise food shopping can save money when eating out or at home.