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Together, Let's Eat More Fruit! - Fruit Toolbox

This toolbox is designed to be a resource for EFNEP staff.  Over the next 5 years, California EFNEP aims to increase the amount of fruit consumed by its participants.  To aid in this effort, we have prepared an array of resources that address many of the barriers associated with fruit intake.  If you would like to add something to the toolbox, please contact Melissa Tamargo at matamargo@ucdavis.edu.

Training Powerpoint: Increasing Fruit Intake Training 4.19.2011 FINAL

Looking for information about a specific fruit? Try these resources!

Harvest of the Month
Placer-Nevada UCCE:  Reasons for the Seasons
Fruit & Vegetables Galore:  Helping Kids Eat More
CDC:  Fruit & Vegetable of the Month
Produce for a Better Health Foundation:  Fruit Nutrition Database

To download the entire toolbox as a PDF:  *coming soon*



Challenge:  "Fruit?  Why Bother"

The following resources explain the health benefits associated with eating fruit.

USDA/Nibbles for Health - Getting Nutrition Information for Your Family
USDA/Nibbles for Health - A Closer Look at MyPyramid
CDPH/Champions for Change - Help Your Kids Power Up With Fruits, Vegetables, and Physical Activity
USDA - Why is it Important to Eat Fruit?
Fruits & Veggies More Matters - Key Nutrients in Fruits & Vegetables

To download all section resources in a PDF: Challenge: Fruit? Why Bother?


Challenge:  Picky Eaters

You know that your children should eat fruit, but no matter what you do, nothing seems to work.  This section includes tips and suggestions for introducing new foods to kids. 

Placer County Children and Families Commission - Tips for Preventing Hassles
USDA/Nutrition Nibbles for Health - Trying, Sharing, and Enjoying Different Foods
USDA/Nutrition Nibbles for Health - Together...Let's Try New Foods!
USDA/Nutrition Nibbles for Health - Handling a "Choosy" Eater
USDA/MyPyramid - Be a Healthy Role Model for Children

To download all section resources in a PDF: Challenge: Picky Eaters


Challenge:  "How much do I give my child?"

The amount of fruit we need varies by age.  This section details how much fruit we need to live healthy lives and provides resources for 

USDA/MyPyramid - How Much Fruit is Needed Daily?
USDA/MyPyramid - What Counts as a Cup of Fruit?
USDA/MyPyramid - What Foods are in the Fruit Group?
Network for a Healthy California - How Much Do I Need?
USDA/Nutrition Nibbles for Health - How Much is Enough?
USDA/Nutrition Nibbles for Health - MyPyramid Amounts of Foods For You

To download all section resources in a PDF: Challenge: How much do I give my child?


Challenge:  "My children do not eat enough fruit."

Whether your children or you do not eat enough fruit, this section is for you!  This section includes tips for sneaking more fruit into your diet!

CDC/Fruits & Veggies Matter - 10 Ways to Help Kids Eat More Fruits and Veggies
ADA - Break Barriers to Fruit and Vegetable Consumption
CDC/Fruits & Veggies Matter - Get Smart Back to School
CDC/Fruit & Veggies Matter - Get Smart in Your Family Dinner
CDC/Fruits & Veggies Matter - Get Smart Eating on the Go
CDC/Fruits & Veggies Matter - Three Simple Steps to Eating More Fruits and Vegetables
USDA/MyPyramid - Focus on Fruits
USDA/MyPyramid - Tips to Help You Eat Fruits
USDA/Nutrition Nibbles for Health - Teaching Good Food Habits
ADA - How to Fit Fruits and Vegetables Into My Busy Schedule
CDC/Fruits & Veggies Matter - Save Time and Money
ADA - Smart Fruit and Veggie Snacks
ADA - Treat Yourself and Your Health with Fruit

To download all section resources in a PDF: Challenge: My children do not eat enough fruit

Challenge:  What type is best?  Frozen?  Fresh?  Canned?  Dried?

Don't always have fresh fruit?  Your local store is having a sale on frozen berries?  You have a coupon for canned peaches?  No matter the type, it is important to eat fruit and lots of it!  This section includes recipe ideas and shopping tips.

Fruits & Veggies More Matters - Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Frozen Fruit
Fruits & Veggies More Matters - Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Dried and 100% Juice: All Forms of Fruits & Vegetables Matter!
Fruits & Veggies More Matters - Frozen Fruit: Nutrition. Selection. Storage.
Fruits & Veggies More Matters - Recipes Using Frozen Fruits and Vegetables
USDA/MyPyramid - What Foods are in the Fruit Group?
USDA/Nutrition Nibbles for Health - Why Fruit Juice?

To download all section resources in a PDF: Challenge: What type is best? Frozen? Fresh? Canned? Dried?


Challenge:  "Is there a Farmers' Market near me?"

Remember, fruit is cheaper when it is in season! Farmers' Markets are great venues for purchasing fresh fruit in season!  They are a great place to buy produce grown locally in your area!  Enjoy these tips for shopping at a farmers' market, and don't forget to use the USDA search tool to find a market near you!

Find A Farmers' Market Near You!
ADA - Become a Savvy Farmer’s Market Shopper


Challenge:  "My fruit turns brown."

We've all picked up a piece of fruit - ready and excited to eat it - only to find it bruised or soft.  How can we keep our fruit fresher, longer?  This section includes general tips and strategies to keep fruit fresher, longer! It also includes tips for choosing and preparing fresh fruit!

FDA - Produce Safety: Safe Handling of Raw Produce and Fresh-Squeezed Fruit and Vegetable Juices
FDA - Talking About Juice Safety: What You Need to Know
Fruit & Vegetables Galore: Helping Kids Eat More - Ideal Storage Temperatures
Fruits & Veggies More Matters - Fruit & Vegetable Storage 101
Partnership for Food Safety Education - FightBac! Six Steps to Safer Fruits and Vegetables
Partnership for Food Safety Education - FightBac! Safe Handling of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
FoodSafety - Tips for Fresh Produce Safety

To download all section resources in a PDF: Challenge: My fruit turns brown


Challenge: Cost

You can eat fruit for only $2.50 a day!  Many people believe that fruit is too expensive to eat regularly. This section includes shopping and money saving tips to help get more fruit for your buck!  Did you know that buying fruit in season is cheaper?  Find out when is the best time to buy your favorite fruit!

Seasonal Information:

Fruit and Vegetables Galore: Helping Kids Eat More - Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables
Southland Farmers’  Market Association
Network for a Healthy California/Harvest of the Month
Placer-Nevada UCCE/Reasons for the Seasons

Shopping Tips/Budget:

ADA - Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget
ADA - Eating Right Can Be Easy and Cost Effective
Fruits & Veggies More Matters - Fruits and Vegetables on a Budget
ADA - Save Time and Money at the Grocery Store
Fruits & Veggies More Matters - 30 Ways in 30 Days to Stretch Your Food Budget
ADA - Ten Tips for Eating Right - Affordably
CDC/Fruit & Veggies Matter - Get Smart As You Shop

For staff, for background only:  

Produce Marketing Association - The Cost of the Recommended Daily Servings of Fresh Produce  
Produce Marketing Association - Measuring the True Cost of Fruits and Vegetables to American Consumers

To download all section resources in a PDF: Challenge: Cost   


Challenge:  Shopping with kids

Shopping with kids can be challenging.  However, shopping can be a great time to introduce kids to new fruit!  This section includes games and strategies to engage kids during grocery shopping.

Fruits & Veggies More Matters - All Forms Count  A game for kids!
Fruits & Veggies More Matters - Eat Your Colors  A game for kids!
Fruits & Veggies More Matters - Stuck on Fruit & Veggies  A game for kids!
Fruits & Veggies More Matters - 10 ways to get kids involved in healthy cooking and shopping

To download all section resources in a PDF: Challenge: Shopping with Kids

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