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How should we enter Checklist data from the old forms into the new NEERS database?


If using the old Checklist, enter questions 1-10 (these are mandated questions).

If using the new Checklist, enter all questions.



Step 14 in the “Guide to Navigating NEERS” notes that we should NOT include children ages 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 when entering data on participants’ children. Is this a mistake on the Guide?


This statement only applies to the Youth program.  It should have been removed from the Adult section of the “Guide to Navigating NEERS.”


What column answer on NEERS should we use for unanswered Checklist questions?


Use the N/A column for non-response items.


Should we count fries as a vegetable?


Yes, count fries as a vegetable.


Should fruit or vegetable juice be included as fruits and vegetables?


Yes, include fruit or vegetable juice as fruits and vegetables.


It is hard to tell that one of the cereals is hot. Should hot cereal be included for this question?


Yes, include hot cereal along with cold cereal in this question.


For monthly income, should EBT card value, Supplemental Security Income benefits and WIC benefits be included?



Yes, include the monthly EBT card and SSI benefits values under monthly income. If possible, include the value of the WIC Vouchers or at least a close estimate.


For monthly food costs, participants include the value of their WIC and EBT cards. Do they know the value of their WIC food benefit package?


Participants should include the value of their WIC vouchers and EBT cards on monthly food costs. Participants may not know the value of their WIC food package benefits. As of April 2012, the average monthly food costs per WIC participant in California is an estimated $52.31 (see link below).



On pg 10 of the About Me Instruction Guide, it states for the educator to check off the area where the program took place (for residence). Should we use their home address?


Use where the program took place (class location) for residence. On NEERs, the place of residence will be the same for all participants in the class.This variable was moved to the staff section on the back to make it easier for the educator and participant.


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